Monday Night Competition

Redlands Volleyball conducts a Mixed Social Competition Monday nights throughout the year. The venue is the Redlands College Sports Center located on 38 Anson Road, Wellington Point. Each season runs for approximately 3-4 months or a single semester of the school year. The format of the competition consists of 12-14 rounds of competition with finals.  

SEASON 2 – 2020:

Monday Night Competition

Redlands Volleyball is excited to announce the return of the Monday Night Social Competition. At this stage, registration is now officially open!! Our Sign-On/ Grading night will be on the 20th of July at 6:30 pm. Games for the season will run for 55 minutes, across two timeslots; 6:30 & 7:35. This will allow for appropriate cleaning of the facilities to be conducted in between games. As this is a social competition, teams have the opportunity to play against a variety of teams and fulfill duty roles for each round. 

The projected season dates can be found in the flyer below: 

Monday Night Season 2 Flyer 


Monday Night Social Competition Draw 


MN Results Table – Season 2 2020 – Round 5


Please fill out the registration forms below to register for season 2 of the Monday Night Social Competition. Note, that the EOI cannot be used to supplement a registration form. 

Registration for Teams

Registration for Single Players

Season 2 Monday Night Competition Fees

The Monday Night Competition Fees have not changed for the second season of 2020. 

$165 – Adult player per season
$125 – School-Aged player per 

SEASON 1 – 2020:

Season 1 Monday Night Competition Fees

Redlands Volleyball has considered the issue surrounding the payment of Fees for the Monday Night Social Program. It has been decided that the total payment that was due will be divided into a payment per round played system for Season 1. Due to government regulations, our first Season for 2020 was cut short, with only 3 rounds of the competition being played out of 14. The following table will explain the fees owed by players:

Player Status Original Fees Calculations New Fees Owed
Adult Player $165  $12 Per Round $36
School-Aged Player $125  $10 Per Round $30

Redlands Volleyball will amend our records and invoices to reflect these new fee’s. We would ask that all players from the first season of the Monday Night Competition who held off paying please pay these as soon as possible. Players who owe money to the Club will not be allowed to participate in any our activities until they are reconciled.

To all those who have paid their fees for Season 1 of the Monday Night competition, the club would like to offer you two options:

  1. If you are returning to the competition for our second season, you can have the remainder of your fees (I.e what you paid less the amounts above for season 1) carried over into our second season. As such, you will only owe the amount remaining for Season 2.
  2. If you are not returning to the competition, we would like to thank you for the brief time we were able to spend with you in season 1 and welcome you to return next year. We will be offering you a partial refund for the remaining rounds of the competition that were not played.

The link for this form can be found below:

Refund Request Form

Relevant Documents 

Monday Night Competition By-Laws

VA Member Protection Policy

VQ Child Safety Policy 

Full refunds will be guaranteed within 14 days of payment date if the member does not participate in more than one round of Social Competition

Delivery Policy – Redlands Volleyball Association

Privacy Policy – Redlands Volleyball Association

Refund and Returns Policy – Redlands Volleyball Association

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